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Recently we have noticed many ships accidents and the blame is mostly on Ship Managers and Seafarers. When a ship carries cargo safely from one port to another, without any mishaps, it doesn’t seem like any mean feat and it’s unlikely to cause mass celebrations in the boardroom. But if things go out of kilter, it’s a completely different scenario. A single mistake, a procedure not carried out, an issue overlooked or ignored: these can create a catastrophe. This is when people notice ship managers.

 Ensuring that a ship is ready and able to serve the trade for which it is designed in the safest and most cost-effective manner, is every ship manager’s raison d’être. After all, ship-owners want their vessels to move smoothly and easily into port: they want every system healthy, every part gleaming.

Undoubtedly Indians are recognised as superior world over. India is a large supplier of skilled manpower to the ship management industry. Sources estimate that some over 200 ship management firms of different sizes are operating out of India; the majority of these are of foreign origin.

     Ship management industry has evolved in India to cater to the manning requirements of various foreign ship-owners operating in open registries. Traditionally, Indian seafarers, specially the officers, are in great demand in the global seafaring market due to their high technical skills, English speaking ability and low cost. This has attracted a large number of foreign ship management firms to take the advantage of recruiting Indian seafarers and resulted into opening up of branch offices of major foreign firms in India.

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  1. good, publish good articles on onboard time management especially with engine room repairs

  2. not good at all any body just cant become a writer,it should tell more about what led to the incidence and should be self explanatory

  3. all problems occur due to senior officers mistake and over riding junior officers information .no matter indian or foreigner.listen to juniors/crew problem.and maintaining the ship as per safety regulations.problems must go to ships manager regularly.

  4. Wake up shipmanagers!! Youre saying ships carrying Indian crews will not encounter cargo problems? If Indian seafarers are superior to other nationals, as stated, why do you pay them so poorly despite their high technical skills, when compared to Japanese and French seafarers wages?

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