Day of the Seafarer on 25th June 2015

25th June is marked as International Seafarers’ day. This day was instituted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to remember the importance of seafarers world-wide.  The Seafarers’ Day provides an opportunity to recognize the contribution of seafarers towards the international trade, their hardship and work environment while they remain mostly away from their families and friends.

Besides the hardship a seafarer faces while at sea, let us also recognize the other factors which they come across while on board the ships. Some of them are:
– Piracy at sea
– Criminalization
– Shore leave
– and many other hardships

Today, day of Seafarers is an opportunity to understand and encourage the 1.5 million seafarers world-wide.

Let us recognize the efforts of seafarers in moving the cargo world-wide and let us say “THANK YOU, SEAFARERS

This year’s theme has been chosen as Careers at sea, which will show how the multi-faceted maritime world offers a series of rich and fulfilling career opportunities for young people, both at sea and ashore.

The seafarers from various countries work on the ships of various flag vessels, besides on their national flag ships. They often work in multi-national environment, where one ship can have seafarers from multiple countries. India, Philippines, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Thailand, Russia are among the major suppliers of seafarers to world-wide shipping. On this day, today, lets us celebrate the occasion and promote the theme of year.

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