News Bulletin – 27 January 2018

1. Japanese bulk carrier collided with Dutch pilot boat

22 Jan 2018 : Pilot ship POLLUX collided with bulk carrier NORD TAURUS at anchorage north of Vlissingen, North sea, reportedly at 0425 LT Jan 21, understood at the time bulk carrier was proceeding to anchorage, or probably, bulk carrier was already under way en route from Terneuzen Netherlands to Murmansk Russia, sailing in northern direction. According to AIS track and timetable, collision took place when bulk carrier was under way, so probably, she was brought to anchor for investigation. Pilot ship sustained, according to Dutch media, serious damages, but managed to return to Vlissingen under own power. Bulk carrier left anchorage in about an hour, and resumed her voyage. No injures reported.


2. Freighter beached, broke in two

22 Jan 2018 : General cargo ship BERRAG drifted ashore and broke in two early in the morning Jan 19 in Eregli area, Turkey, Black sea, while en route from Izmir to Rostov-on-Don, Russia. The ship couldn’t hold against stormy seas, she anchored on Eregli anchorage to shelter from storm, but anchor or anchors dragged, and she finally, was beached. 12 crew were rescued by Turkish sailors and firemen.


3. Norwegian freighter mishap in Randers, Denmark

22 Jan 2018 : General cargo ship LILL got stuck in Randers harbor, Denmark, at around noon Jan 19, while proceeding to berth on arrival from Rostock, see photos. LILL remained in position seen on photo for at least half an hour. Miscalculation of current strength said to be the cause of mishap, which blocked harbor traffic. According to AIS track, LILL was freed and safely berthed, no information on possible damages.


4. Freighter listed at Galapagos

23 Jan 2018 : General cargo ship BALTIC BENITA developed port side list at Moreno anchorage, San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Archipelago, on Jan 21. The ship arrived at Galapagos with general merchandise goods from Guayaquil. The ship was righted same day. Judging from photo, faulty crane boom with hoisted container or crate caused the list.


5. Offshore supply tug grounding, U.S. Virgin Islands

24 Jan 2018 : USCG reported grounding of offshore supply tug OCEAN SPIRIT I on Jan 23 just off the entrance of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor (St. Thomas Island, capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands) East Gregory Channel, which remains open to traffic. No leak reported. St. Thomas Harbor pilots reported grounding at around 0500 LT Jan 23 to USCG Sector San Juan. According to AIS track, OCEAN SPIRIT I was refloated later same day, and brought to berth at Crown Bay, Amalie.


6. Russian trawler VOSTOK with 21 crew missing in Japan sea

25 Jan 2018 :  EPIRB from Russian fishing vessel VOSTOK with 21 crew on board was activated in the morning (Vladi VOSTOK time) Jan 25 in Japan sea, some 90 nm south of Vladi VOSTOK , Russia. Latest known AIS position 41 50N 131 31E, vessel was either proceeding towards nearest Russian port or drifting. Military helicopter was sent to search the area, returned to base after fuel ran out, no traces of vessel or crew found.


7. Tanker collided with bulk carrier, Gibraltar

25 Jan 2018 : Tanker MERIDIAN EXPRESS collided with bulk carrier SOUTHERN LIGHT at around 2240 LT Jan 23 on Gibraltar West Anchorage in Bay of Algeciras. Reportedly, tanker struck bulk carrier, both ships sustained damages and were detained for survey and investigation. Tanker arrived from Lagos on Jan 23 and probably, struck bulk carrier while maneuvering. SOUTHERN LIGHT at the time of accident was to set sail for Alexandria.


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