News Bulletin – 11 June 2018

1. DP World Becomes Part of World Ocean Council

8 June 2018 : Dubai-based terminal operator DP World has become the first company in its sector to join the World Ocean Council (WOC) as part of its leadership journey to actively engage in the protection of the world’s oceans.

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2. 835 Ships Scrapped in 2017: The Global Shipbreaking Facts & Figures

8 June 2018 : 543 of these ships were sold for dirty and dangerous breaking on the beaches of South Asia. Whilst ship owners are increasingly portraying themselves as conscious of the problems caused by shipbreaking, the Bangladeshi beach in Chittagong – where environmental protection and worker safety are particularly scant– remained the preferred scrapping destination worldwide in terms of tonnage dismantled.

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3. India ready to cast off on cruise tourism

7 June 2018 : India is exploring cruise tourism potential along coast. Rashmi Varma Tourism Secretary said, ” A committee has been set up with the shipping Secretary and I as co-chairs to promote cruise tourism. We have recently recevied a report from an international consultant, who is also a member of the committee. We are in the process of the finalising it.”She said some of the recommendations are related to berthing space for the cruiseliners, infrastructure at the ports, and tax concessions to cruiseliners.

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4. Panama Canal Sets New Monthly Tonnage Record

6 June 2018 : For the third time since its inauguration, the Expanded Panama Canal set a new monthly tonnage record of 38.1 million tons (PC/UMS) in May 2018. During the period, the expanded waterway saw a total of 1,231 vessels transit its locks, according to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

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5. LR: Zero Emission Ships’ Main Challenge Lies in Fuel Storage

5 June 2018 : The shipping sector recently took a giant leap toward decarbonisation as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) member states agreed on the requirement which would see the industry reduce its emissions by at least 50 pct by 2050 compared to 2008.

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6. CMA CGM to Bring Artificial Intelligence on Board Ships

5 June 2018 : French shipping company CMA CGM has teamed up with San Francisco-based startup Shone to embed artificial intelligence on board ships. Through the collaboration, launched at the beginning of the year, Shone is to access the company’s vessels to finalize the development of AI aboard.

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7. BIMCO Urges IMO To Harmonise Digital Data Reporting

5 June 2018 : In 2019 the new mandatory requirements on Electronic Data Interchange require public authorities to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information to assist ship clearance processes.

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