LR certifies MARSIG’s Electronic Record Book platform

LR certifies MARSIG's Electronic Record Book platform
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The classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded the Statement of Compliance (SOC) certificate to the German ship technology specialist MARSIG for its electronic record book searecs. Offering an electronic alternative to printed logbooks, the platform consolidates the extensive collection of documents used on board a ship into one logbook, including bridge, engine, ballast water, oil and cargo records.

The move to electronic logbooks has been welcomed by regulators as a much more effective way of monitoring this vital information. A number of major flag States accept the use of electronic alternatives for record keeping.

Markus Büsig, President of Lloyd’s Register North Europe, said: “Providing a unified digital logbook for ship operators, ship owners and ship managers will help us lay a solid foundation for maritime digitization and autonomy at sea, while reducing the workload for crew members by streamlining data entry.”

The searecs platform brings together navigation, automation, Voyage Data Records (VDR) and Bridge Alert Management Systems (BAMS) and can be used for detailed analysis such as monitoring ship efficiency and evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measures. Entries in the electronic records can be pre-populated with sensor signals and appear in high-quality, actionable data with a reduction in data redundancies.

The SOC follows an in-depth approval process that tested the technical and software aspects of searecs. The final certification has enabled MARSIG to receive another flag state approval for the platform.


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