Furuno’s Hermace deserves Classnk’s innovation

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ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to HermAce Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting Platform developed by Furuno Electric Co.

Additionally, for ClassNK-registered vessels flying the flag of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), the HermAce Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Digital Twin and Remote Service has been approved by the RMI as an alternative to the onboard VDR Annual Performance Test (APT). Maritime Administrator. It is now possible to perform VDR APT for these ships remotely.

HermAce is a solution for remotely monitoring the operational status of FURUNO’s navigation equipment and includes the ability to collect VDR data online. Each year, a VDR requires an APT by a qualified engineer who must visit the vessel to review operations and the recording of voyage information.

However, on ships equipped with HermAce, VDR data can be extracted remotely. Remote diagnostics uses real-time and historical data that has been prepared and formatted for periodic inspections that can be confirmed by engineers using logs and other evidence. This allows engineers to perform performance tests in remote locations using conventional methods.

ClassNK has verified the features of:

  1. Onboard data acquisition and visualization by HermAce; And
  2. Improving the maintenance quality for FURUNO navigation devices and issuing the certificate for the company. In addition, based on the effectiveness of the functions verified by the certification, the use of HermAce has been accepted by the RMI Maritime Administrator as an alternative means of SOLAS mandated APT on board.

Source: www.marinelink.com

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