GEOS receives orders for Energy Duchess in Great Britain and Norway

GEOS receives orders for Energy Duchess in Great Britain and Norway
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Norwegian offshore vessel owner Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) has secured a bring-to-work (B2W) contract for its offshore vessel Energy Duchess and a mid-term direct follow-on contract.

Mobilizing with a Z-Bridge Bring-to-Work (B2W) system, the 83.4 meter long vessel of the Ulstein PX121 design is designed to house and bring technicians and equipment to offshore work sites. Several of the ship’s MPSV capacities and capabilities are in continuous use, GEOS said.

According to GEOS, the job will take up to 14 days and mobilization in Rotterdam will start next week after the current spot job is completed. Information on the GEOS website indicates that the ship is currently in service with EnQuest Heather Ltd. works and has a contract that expires on March 20th. According to the ship’s AIS, the Energy Duchess is currently en route to EnQuest’s Heather platform.

Under the B2W contract, the vessel will operate in the UK North Sea and GEOS said the scope of work is decommissioning and recycling “with the highest green profile”. The ship can accommodate 30 people on board.

Immediately following the B2W order, the offshore vessel, built at the Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering Equipments Co., Ltd (ROC) shipyard in China, will begin a medium-term contract on the Norwegian continental shelf with a “premium international operator”. .”

The contract is for a fixed term of 50 days and the customer has options to extend it until July 13, 2023. The company has not disclosed any information about the scope of work here.

With these two new contracts, the Energy Duchess has secured 100% utilization for the remainder of Q1-23 and most of Q2-23.

As the Energy Swan and Energy Empress ships remain on fixed-term contracts, all three GEOS ships will be on a full fixed backlog until May 1, when the Energy Swan firm contract expires.


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