57 Years of Service Celebrated by Fort Vancouver Seafarers Center

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The Fort Vancouver Seafarers Center, located at the Port of Vancouver, recently celebrated its 57th year with a barbecue, music, speakers, and the dedication of a Peace Pole. The Rotary Club of Vancouver donated the Peace Pole, which features the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in English, Tagalog, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. These languages are commonly spoken by international crew members who visit the Seafarers Center. The event was attended by 70 volunteers, legacy supporters, and partners, and included a presentation by Tereza Edwards, director of membership services of the Columbia River Steamship Operators Association, as well as music by David Cooley. The center provides support services and hospitality for crews of approximately 350 ships from around the world each year.

The Fort Vancouver Seafarers Center has been serving international crew members for over five decades, offering them a place to relax, connect with loved ones, and access various support services. The Peace Pole dedication was a significant moment for the center, as it symbolizes the importance of peace and unity among different cultures and languages. The inclusion of multiple languages on the pole reflects the diversity of the crew members who visit the center.

During the celebration, Tereza Edwards highlighted the vital role that the Seafarers Center plays in supporting the maritime community. She emphasized the importance of providing a welcoming and supportive environment for crew members who often spend extended periods away from their families and homes. The event was a way to honor the center’s volunteers, legacy supporters, and partners who contribute to its mission of providing hospitality and assistance to seafarers from around the world.

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