A novel offshore wind vessel unveiled

An illustration of the Midi-SOV from VARD and Chartwell Marine
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VARD and Chartwell Marine have partnered to create a new offshore wind vessel called the “Midi-SOV.” This 55-meter long vessel combines the capabilities of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) and Service Operation Vessels (SOV) to meet the demands of the expanding offshore wind industry. The Midi-SOV is set to debut in the US and European markets in 2024 and is designed to meet Jones Act compliances, making it ready for construction in US shipyards.

In response to the growing demand for larger crew transfer vessels (CTVs) in the offshore wind industry, the Midi-SOV was specifically designed to focus on stability, usability, and cost efficiency. The vessel has a low water plane shape to minimize rolling motion and features a spacious superstructure with cabins, crew facilities, and various amenities to ensure comfort and workability. Energy efficiency is also a key focus, with the option to equip the Midi-SOV with methanol-diesel dual-fuel engines, electric propulsion, and an energy storage system.

Andy Page, director of Chartwell Marine, believes that the failure of the UK’s fifth round CfD auctions presents an opportunity for the maritime industry to develop reactive vessels to address rising developer costs. The Midi-SOV provides a cost-effective alternative to full-size SOVs and contributes to the overall sustainability of the industry. Both VARD and Chartwell bring their expertise in CTVs and SOVs to create a vessel that combines innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the offshore wind sector.

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