ABS, KHIA, and University of Ulsan Collaborate on Hydrogen-Powered Vessel Development

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ABS, the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association (KHIA), and the University of Ulsan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop a 40-seat vessel for tourism that will be equipped with electric propulsion using a 350-kW hydrogen fuel cell. This project is part of Korea’s national hydrogen strategy and aims to contribute to the country’s research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) efforts. ABS, a global provider of technical and regulatory services to the maritime industry, will bring its expertise to enhance the safety of the vessel and support the transition to clean energy. KHIA and the University of Ulsan are excited to collaborate with ABS in exploring new technologies and differentiated solutions in the fields of hydrogen and shipbuilding.

The partnership between ABS, KHIA, and the University of Ulsan will focus on developing a small vessel that can operate with zero emissions. By utilizing a hydrogen fuel cell for electric propulsion, the vessel aims to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner maritime industry. ABS will provide technical knowledge and regulatory expertise to ensure the safety and compliance of the vessel. The collaboration with KHIA and the University of Ulsan will enable the exploration of innovative technologies and solutions in the hydrogen and shipbuilding sectors.

ABS has been actively involved in promoting the use of hydrogen as a marine fuel and providing guidance for its implementation and transportation. This collaboration with KHIA and the University of Ulsan is another step towards advancing the adoption of clean energy in the maritime industry. The development of this hydrogen-powered vessel for tourism not only aligns with Korea’s national hydrogen strategy but also contributes to the global energy transition towards a more sustainable future.

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