Another Carnival Cruises director has been promoted to the fleet position

Fleet Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Line
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Carnival Cruise Line has announced that its second popular cruise director has been promoted to the position of Fleet Cruise Director to oversee the line’s entire roster of cruise directors. Chris “Donkey” Salazar will be the second person with this new title, and the position will include training operations and other work aboard multiple ships.

Promoted two cruise directors

The second employee promoted to fleet cruise director was revealed to be Christopher Salazar, a longtime, popular cruise director on several Carnival ships.

This followed the cruise line Announcement in January that Mike Pack was promoted first to the “Fleet Cruise Director”. Announcing the two promotions, Carnival Cruise Line’s brand ambassador, John Heald, congratulated both Pack and the as yet undisclosed assistant cruise director on a great job.

Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

“I would like to add my congratulations to Mike Pack who has been promoted to Fleet Cruise Director along with another Cruise Director.” said hero. “(They) will be responsible for working with and supporting the entire current group of wonderful cruise directors and they will help coach new CDs.”

Meet Chris “Donkey” Salazar

Salazar was there Carnival Cruise Line since November 2008 on several ships, including as Cruise Director on board carnival, Carnival sunshine, Carnival horizon, Carnival Glory, Carnival Freedom, and other ships. He has been named “Team Member of the Month” several times and is always a positive force not only for cruise guests but also for all crew members.

Salzar adopted the nickname “donkey” early in his carnival career when a young guest innocently commented that Salazar’s large ears and teeth bore a resemblance to the popular cartoon character Shrek. Salazar loved the nickname and has made it his own with his quirky, feisty personality.

An energetic, colorful personality (with outfits to match), the Australian-born natural entertainer is a favorite cruise director for many guests, who will be sad to learn he’s no longer assigned to a single ship. Many frequent cruisers select specific voyages to sail with their favorite cruise directors.

“Hey Carnival family, so this will be my last contract as cruise director.” said Salazar when announcing his new position. “I am very proud and happy to say that I have been promoted to Fleet Cruise Director. A huge thank you to everyone for the love and support over the past 14 years and so excited for what the future will bring.”

What will Fleet Cruise Directors do?

While cruise directors are known for directing onboard events such as dance parties and evening performances, interacting with crew members and facilitating all entertainment on a ship, what will a fleet cruise director do?

The newly created position will help lead the training of new cruise directors and support overall entertainment operations fun ship fleetrather than remaining assigned to a single cruise ship.

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Mike Pack on Mardi Gras
Photo Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

The overall role will certainly be determined in part by how both Pack and Salazar take on their new responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are obvious, such as: B. Conducting training for cruise directors and entertainment staff, including each ship’s “Fun Squad” members hosting trivia competitions, line dancing lessons, deck games and more.

Other Fleet Cruise Director responsibilities will likely include participation in product and event development, such as: New game shows or Lido deck play options, as well as interaction for guest relations and safety, team morale, mentoring staff and more.

It is also likely that the new fleet cruise directors will appear at notable events such as: B. the christening of new ships, visits to new ports of call, land-based conferences or award ceremonies or the opening of newly built cruise terminals.

While no announcements have yet been made as to which cruises on which ships either Pack or Salazar will be able to take part, guests are sure to find them here and there aboard the entire Carnival fleet for amazing and memorable trips.
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