APM Terminals Mumbai’s GTI Resumes Operations at Second Berth

GTI (APM Terminals Mumbai) resumes operations at the second berth
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Gateway Terminals India (GTI-APM Terminals Mumbai) has announced the completion of its renovated berth and the installation of new fore-quay cranes. The terminal, which underwent a future-proofing project titled “Fit for Future,” has now resumed operations at both berths. The investment in infrastructure development will allow the terminal to safely and efficiently handle larger vessels, meeting customer needs. The project was completed with over 1 million safe working hours, highlighting the focus on safety. The inauguration was attended by various dignitaries and stakeholders.

The GTI team is commended for their hard work throughout the project, despite limited resources. The terminal would like to thank its customers and stakeholders for their trust, support, and cooperation during the future security project. The terminal is now prepared to accommodate larger vessels and ensure that they are reloaded safely and efficiently, supporting Indian trade.

Overall, GTI-APM Terminals Mumbai has successfully completed its future-proofing project, allowing the terminal to handle larger vessels. The project has been completed with a strong focus on safety, as evidenced by over 1 million safe working hours. The terminal is now ready to serve its customers and support Indian trade efficiently and effectively.

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