ASEAN and India: Embracing Maritime Identities

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The secretary-general of ASEAN, Kao Kim Hourn, emphasized the strong partnership between ASEAN and India, highlighting their collaboration in various sectors including trade, investment, tourism, defense, and counterterrorism. He emphasized the importance of maritime cooperation, noting that both ASEAN and India are maritime communities. Hourn expressed a desire to expand cooperation into new sectors and areas such as digital economy, sustainability, renewable energy, and people-to-people exchange connectivity.

Hourn also mentioned the strong partnership between ASEAN and India, citing the ASEAN India Summit that took place in September. He also addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, stating that ASEAN is a strong proponent of peace, dialogue, and diplomacy and emphasizing the importance of resolving conflicts through peaceful means and the involvement of the United Nations.

Overall, Hourn emphasized the commitment of ASEAN to promoting peace, dialogue, and diplomacy, and expressed hope for the United Nations to play a constructive role in resolving ongoing conflicts around the world. He stressed the significance of giving peace and diplomacy a chance in addressing humanitarian tragedies.

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