ASEAN-India Summit in Jakarta to Collaborate on Blue Economy and Maritime Security

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India and ASEAN members have agreed to strengthen cooperation in the maritime domain, according to a joint statement released after the 20th ASEAN-India summit in Jakarta. The statement outlined plans to enhance information-sharing and capacity-building in maritime safety and security, including measures to combat piracy, armed robbery, and illegal fishing. The two sides also agreed to promote cooperation in the Blue Economy, focusing on sustainable development of marine resources, marine biodiversity conservation, and combating climate change and marine pollution. They also emphasized the importance of developing renewable energy, including marine-based renewable energy, and fostering greater engagement of private sector, tourism industry, and coastal communities in the promotion of the Blue Economy.

The joint statement reflects India’s recent focus on maritime domain awareness and security. It highlights the commitment of ASEAN and India to promote cooperation and coordination between maritime authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as explore cooperation on the sustainable use of oceans, seas, and marine resources. The statement also includes plans to encourage innovation in the Blue Economy through activities such as hackathons and start-up festivals, as well as promote sustainable and eco-tourism and cruise and sea-based tourism.

Overall, the joint statement underscores the importance of maritime cooperation between ASEAN and India in areas such as maritime safety and security, sustainable development, and the promotion of the Blue Economy. It reflects a shared commitment to enhancing information-sharing, capacity-building, and collaboration between specialized agencies in the region. By strengthening their cooperation in the maritime domain, ASEAN and India aim to ensure the seamless connectivity and sustainable development of the Indo-Pacific region.

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