Assam seeks 700 Cr. Allocation to invest in waterways

Assam wants 700 Cr.  Discharge rupees into waterways
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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has revealed plans to modernize the state’s inland waterways at a cost of approximately Rs 700 crore. The government aims to revitalize the waterways and boost economic growth, job creation, and a greener future. Sarma launched several vessels, including catamarans, tugboats, and a search and rescue vessel, from Guwahati to mark a significant milestone in the development of Assam’s transport infrastructure.

In addition to the modernization efforts, the state government intends to establish a ferry service between major religious centers near Guwahati in the near future. The aim is to improve connectivity and accessibility for religious pilgrims in the area. These initiatives are part of the ‘Assam Inland Water Transport’ project, which is being supported financially by the World Bank. The project aims to enhance the quality of inland water transport by integrating passenger and vehicle ferry services on the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers, providing a safe, sustainable, and reliable mode of transportation for commuters across the state.

The modernization of Assam’s inland waterways is expected to have a positive impact on the region’s transportation infrastructure and economic development. Its implementation, with the support of the World Bank, will not only improve connectivity but also create job opportunities and contribute to a greener future. The launch of various vessels, including catamarans and tugboats, is seen as a significant step toward revitalizing the waterways. Additionally, the planned ferry service between religious centers will further enhance accessibility and convenience for pilgrims. The Assam Inland Water Transport project aims to integrate quality ferry services on rivers, ensuring a safer and reliable mode of transportation for commuters.

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