Barcelona Implements Measures to Curb Overtourism by Restricting Cruise Ships at Key Ports

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Barcelona is implementing new restrictions on cruise ships in an effort to combat overtourism and reduce pollution. Starting later this month, cruise ships will be partially banned from docking at specific piers in the central port, and the number of ships allowed to stop in the city will be reduced from 10 to seven. However, cruise ships will still be able to dock at other piers and use shuttle buses to access popular tourist spots. The new rules are expected to take effect on October 22.

Barcelona is not the only tourist hotspot implementing restrictions on cruise ships. Earlier this year, Venice announced a ban on large cruise ships sailing through its canals, rerouting them to an industrial port instead. Cruise lines have also been making efforts to reduce their environmental impact, with a target date of 2050 for net zero carbon cruising set by members of the Cruise Lines International Association.

For those considering booking a cruise, it is recommended to book early to secure the best packages and cabins. According to Grace Sandwiith, Commercial Director at Iglu Cruise, early booking often comes with great deals and incentives, especially when new sailings are launched. Summer holidays are particularly in high demand, so booking early is advised.

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