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Published 03/17/2023 09:53 by

The Maritime Executive

GasLog implements BASSnet Crew self-service app to increase communication and efficiency

GasLog Ltd (“GasLog”), the world’s leading provider of LNG shipping services, has gone live with the BASSnet Crew Portal mobile app for crew self-service on the go. The handy app is integrated with BASSnet’s Human Resources Manager, a powerful ERP solution designed to streamline workforce and payroll management.

“At GasLog, we are excited to deploy new technologies that will benefit our most important asset, our people,” says Gerasimos Brouskos, HSSE & Marine HR General Manager at GasLog. “BASSnet HR Manager will significantly streamline our HR processes and improve communication ashore. BASSnet’s Crew Portal App is a significant step in streamlining our workforce management through remote crew self-service. We are confident that BASSnet will have a positive impact on our operations,” says Ms. Taisa Tsermidou, Marine Human Resources Manager at GasLog.

All personal and activity data of the GasLog crew were migrated from a third-party system to BASSnet. For the successful implementation, BASS’ dedicated project management outsourcing service (in addition to the standard implementation) was used to coordinate all tasks and deliverables for both companies on schedule and on budget. The Crew Portal app now acts as a two-way communication channel between the Greek industry leader’s human resources department and the sea staff. The app also allows the crew to take possession of their data. Crew ‘Self-Service’ improves efficiency and communication.

“BASSnet’s HR management solutions are designed to increase efficiency and communication,” said Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director of BASS Software. “The Crew Portal is a game changer for the crew to instantly access information regardless of location. You can view and instantly update time-sensitive data on personal information, travel arrangements and training.”

The Crew Portal offers significant advantages. Users can unleash the power of convenience on the go with Crew Self-Service, improve the accuracy of data updates, and benefit from always-on remote access to stay connected and informed. Customers achieve cost savings by improving the efficiency of HR processes and reducing manual effort
Intrusion/workload for the HR department of the office.

For example:
• With personnel planning, you can immediately inform the personnel about the next assignment, the next trip, etc. crew
Members can then confirm/accept orders via the app.
• Sea personnel can directly renew and update electronic copies of their licenses or certificates
in BASSnet, saving valuable time for the company and ensuring compliance.
• Crew can upload travel expenses with receipts and download them instantly
their payslips.

Adding value through best-in-class solutions and services The successful implementation of the BASSnet Crew Portal app is an important milestone for BASS
Partnership with GasLog. The Greek shipping company can now take advantage of the powerful benefits of crew self-service to streamline its crew management. This project heralds a strong 2023 for both leading companies in the maritime industry. BASS Software is well positioned to expand its presence in the Greek market and offer more top-notch solutions and services that bring value to customers.

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