Beginning of Carnival Cruise Line’s new VIFP gifts

Beginning of Carnival Cruise Line's new VIFP gifts
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Carnival Cruise Line is introducing a new coordinated gift set for its most loyal guests – the Very Important Fun Persons, or VIFPs – and the first of the new items will be available beginning in early April. However, due to delivery issues, not all ships will have the new loyalty gifts.

New VIFP gift ready to debut

Carnival Cruise Line Brand ambassador John Heald announced today that the first of the new VIFP Diamond and Platinum gifts is ready to be offered, but not quite on all ships.

“I am pleased to announce that we are extending the VIFP Diamond and Platinum gift for travel booked after 6/4. convert to fanny packs for all ships except Carnival Luminosa and Carnival Splendor, which will continue to give koozies, until the new gifts arrive Down Under.” said hero.

The new bum bag is navy blue with a red zip fastening, adjustable webbing and ‘Carnival VIFP Club’ written on a patch on the front pocket.

More gifts in matching sets will be shipped aboard ships in the coming weeks. The other two items in the coordinated collection are a beach or pool tote and a smaller toiletry or small item bag. Both share the same color scheme and simple VIFP logo patch.

“Next is the tote bag with the same logo”, said hero. Over time, loyalty guests may be able to choose which of the gifts they receive on each cruise, although this has not yet been confirmed.

For now, Carnival Cruise Line will offer the new gifts faster than it has in the past. For example, many frequent drivers have received the Snap Koozie gift multiple times since it has been around for a while.

VIFP gift

“We start with one, then a couple of months later we move very quickly and swap for something else, then we swap for the third.” declared hero when the new gifts were first announced.

While Bright carnival And carnival splendor While the new loyalty gifts are not yet received, the items should arrive soon for cruise ships sailing from Australia.

Receiving the loyalty gifts

Loyalty gifts are offered to returning Platinum and Diamond level guests. Cruise lines earn points for each day they sail with Carnival Cruise Line and achieve platinum status once they earn 75 points. The Diamond loyalty level starts at 200 points and is the highest level in Carnival’s loyalty program.

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There is no difference in the gifts offered to Platinum or Diamond guests, although each tier has different unique benefits.

Loyalty gifts must be collected from the Pixels Photo Gallery onboard each ship, where guests’ names will be checked off a list to confirm they have received their item.

Carnival Cruise Line VIFP
Credit: Melissa Mayntz

In previous years, gifts were personally delivered to guests’ cabins, either on embarkation day or as a pleasant surprise during the journey. The move to guest pickup of gifts was made as part of health and safety protocols when cruising resumed following the industry shutdown to minimize how many people enter different staterooms in the event of illness.

Heald has reached out to the cruise line’s executive team to request that in-cabin gift delivery be resumed, as many guests appreciate that extra touch. So far, there’s no confirmation if delivery will come back or if guests will still need to collect their rewards from Pixels.

In addition to the logo gifts, all Platinum and Diamond level VIFP guests will also receive them Collection pins with ship names and year of construction on every cruise. Gold level cruisers (25-74 points) also receive gold VIFP pins. All pins must also be collected in the Pixels photo gallery on board.

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