Behind-the-scenes look at Icon of the Seas staterooms and suites

Icon of the Seas Family Infinite Balcony
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In just nine months, it’s Royal Caribbean International Icon of the seas will officially debut, and we’ve already heard about the amazing new features, outstanding neighborhoods, and the ship top notch thrill. But what is where guests spend most of their time on board, from unpacking to tidying up and getting dressed for all the fun to resting before the next adventure?

The latest episode of Making an Icon goes behind the scenes show new cabins and cabin design features that make every space on the ship truly iconic.

cabins on Icon of the seas

The seventh installment of the Making an Icon behind-the-scenes series, entitled Creating Next Level Accommodations, has been released and not only offers insights into the different cabin categories on board the upcoming Icon of the seasbut also provides insight and insight into the design process and how the ship’s cabins were built.

A total of 28 cabin categories are available on the ship, including 14 completely new categories, including layouts deliberately designed for families.

“The accommodations on Icon are really that well thought out”, said Jennifer Goswami, director, product development, Royal Caribbean International. “Every detail of the room has been carefully considered.”


For example, engineers and designers noted the distance between charging ports and desks or tables where devices would be placed, where soap dispensers would be compared to sinks and showers, and other intricate details to ensure each cabin met all guest needs. “Every part of every cabin on the Icon was really built on purpose,” said Goswami.

The first step in designing Icon’s cabins was extensive guest research, including asking crew members what guests liked and disliked about their cabins, or what items guests brought to enhance their cabins.

Storage space was a key concern and new storage spaces such as small shelves, wall hooks, drawers under sofas and more were highlighted in the new cabins.

Courtesy of: Royal Caribbean

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Overall, the design process for the ship’s cabins took more than five years and included models that could be tested before full production began.

“It’s actually the longest development time we’ve ever undertaken,” said Kelly Gonzalez, senior vice president of architectural design and newbuilding for Royal Caribbean Group.

build staterooms

Guests may be surprised to learn that cabins are not built at Meyer Shipyard in Turku, Finland Icon of the seas is under construction but will actually be built at a factory facility about 30 minutes away before being transported to the ship for installation.

About 25 rooms are built per day, depending on which rooms are currently being built. For Icon of the seas“2,805 cabins, that means more than 110 days of construction just to build all the guest cabins.

Icon of the Seas Ultimate Family Townhouse
Courtesy of: Royal Caribbean

The floorplans have been carefully designed to provide more overall space and give guests a relaxing, homely feel in their cabins, yet still be connected to the sea through great views and accessible infinite balcony designs with amazing indoor square footage.

Cabin automation has also been enhanced with the ability to control balconies, blinds, lights, temperature and more at the push of a button.

The suite life

A variety of suites have also been redesigned Icon of the seasincluding the Sunset Suites at the stern of the ship with surrounding balconies and the AquaDome Suites, where the panoramic view sweeps right through the ship AquaDome self.

Larger suites can also accommodate families of five or more guests, or guests can choose from many options for adjoining cabins. At Icon of the seas80% of the cabins can be interconnected or accommodate larger families, compared to only 25% of the larger family cabins on the Oasis class ships.

The Surfside Suites, adjacent to the family-oriented surfside neighborhood, are an all new wide design. Innovative features include a “kids corner” that can be closed with screens for privacy but still keeps family members connected.

Altogether many Icon of the seas‘ Staterooms are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of different guests, accommodate different age groups and welcome multi-generational families with restful, rejuvenating space.

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