British tourists missing after boat fire in Red Sea.

At least three people are missing in a major fire on a tourist boat in Egypt
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Three British tourists have gone missing after a motorboat caught fire off Egypt’s Red Sea coast on Sunday, according to Egyptian officials and security sources. The boat, dubbed the Hurricane, had been sailing in an area north of Marsa Alam since June 6 when the fire was caused by an electrical short. Twelve British tourists were rescued along with 12 Egyptian crew members and guides who were all taken to the Marsa Shagra dive resort nearby. The British Foreign Office stated that it was in contact with local authorities regarding the incident and was assisting the nationals involved.

Ahmed Maher, a dive manager in Marsa Shagra village said, “We saw smoke coming from the boat, it was about 9km from the beach. A boat nearby rescued them and dropped them off.” Social media images released showed a white motor yacht of the same name burning at sea with thick smoke billowing into the sky. The survivors were all taken to safety at the nearby resort.

This incident comes on the back of similar reports of drowning and near-drowning incidents in the Red Sea coast. The security officials have warned that recently strong winds and high waves have made changes to the routes of boat trips and diving tours possible. Despite some precautions taken, tour companies are offering diving and boating services in this location since it is popular with tourists. The Governor’s Office of the Red Sea State was quick to confirm that they are considering legislation for new precautions to be required to ensure travelers are safe during their trips.

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