Bureau Veritas & ENGIE Announces Low-Carbon Advice and Risk Management Advice

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore
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Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore has partnered with Global Energy Management & Sales (GEMS), a subsidiary of ENGIE, to offer advisory and hedging services to the shipping industry for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction requirements. The partnership aims to provide ship owners, operators, and charterers with expert insights and risk management to optimise low-carbon transport schedules. The companies will analyse and offer strategies to develop low-carbon operating models to meet operational needs across different regions and regulatory regimes. GEMS and BVS will also provide advice on carbon offsetting solutions and carbon emission regulation compliance, including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Fit for 55 package proposal.

To ensure optimal commercial exposure and achieve GHG reduction goals, BVS and GEMS will assess fleet energy consumption, CO2 emissions, trading patterns and routes through global energy markets and risk management strategies. The partnership will offer a one-stop shop for clarity and expert advice on the complexity of global energy markets and the increasingly diverse marine fuel landscape.

ENGIE is recognised as a global industry leader in low-carbon energy supply and related services, while BVS is known for its testing, inspection, and certification expertise. By combining GEMS’ experience in analysing and trading energy products and emission allowances with BVS’ marine and offshore technical advisory expertise, the partnership is expected to offer commercial and risk management solutions.

“This partnership between BVS and GEMS provides a one-stop shop for clarity and expert advice in developing an appropriate fleet GHG strategy and associated risk management…”, said Paul Shrieve, President of Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore.

“In an increasingly complex carbon market, the inclusion of maritime emissions in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is another important consideration for shipping organisations…”, said Marc Pannier, board member of the ENGIE business unit “Global Energy Management & Sales”.

To help companies determine optimal low-carbon strategies, the partnership will provide support in assessing fleet energy consumption, access to global energy markets, trading patterns and routes, and offer advice on managing broader sustainability footprints.

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