Bureau Veritas Introduces New Regulations for Ships Powered by Hydrogen

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Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV) has released its first set of classification Rules for hydrogen-fueled ships, aimed at promoting the safe use of hydrogen propulsion in the maritime industry. These rules outline technical requirements for the safe bunkering, storage, preparation, distribution, and use of hydrogen as a fuel for power generation on board. They also address safety challenges related to the transport and use of hydrogen on ships, such as high flammability and the need for high-pressure or low-temperature fuel storage.

The Rules for hydrogen-fueled ships include detailed requirements for machinery and engine design, vessel configuration, fuel tank arrangement, ventilation of hazardous areas, and monitoring and safety systems. They also cover “hydrogen-prepared” vessels, designed for future installation of a hydrogen fuel system. These rules complement BV’s existing rule note on fuel cell power systems and will be updated periodically to reflect technological advancements and regulatory decisions.

BV is currently involved in around ten projects related to hydrogen as a fuel, and the release of these rules follows a similar move by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to develop requirements for hydrogen-fueled vessels earlier this year.

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