Carnival Cruise Line fare increases are set to begin

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Anyone planning a Carnival cruise, whether they’re a regular cruiser, a Carnival first-time guest, or have never sailed, should note that planned increases in gratuities and WiFi rates will increase beginning April 1, 2023. This makes March 31st the last day on which significant savings can be achieved.

Tip increases come into effect

It’s no April Fool’s joke that Carnival Cruise Line’s tipping rates will be increasing starting April 1st.

For all embarkations on or after Saturday, April 1, the automatic gratuity rate for standard staterooms—inside, ocean view, and balconies—will increase from $14.50 to $16 per guest per day, an increase of approximately 10% per day . The price for suite guests is USD 18 per person per day instead of USD 16.50.

This can be a significant fee, especially for families, running to $448 ($462 in suites) for a family of four for a 7-night cruise. Before the increase, automatic tips for the same family would have been $406 ($504 in suites). However, it should be noted that guests under the age of 2 are not automatically counted as tips.

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Compare the April 1 rates to the tipping rates from just a year ago and the difference is even more significant. Carnival Cruise Line also increased tipping rates in May 2022. Prior to this initial increase, the cost was $13.99 per person per day for standard cabins and $15.99 for suites.

This means that the double-raised rates have increased by around 14% for standard cabins and 12% for suites in just one year.

This is of particular concern at a time when inflation rates remain high and wages are not necessarily keeping pace with daily increases in the cost of living.

Still time to save

Guests can continue to earn the lower Carnival cruise tipping rates by prepaying automatic tips before April 1, 2023. This also applies if the cruise sets sail weeks or months after the price increase takes effect.

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Booked guests can contact Carnival Cruise Line or log into the cruise line’s website to make such a payment, or contact their travel agent to make an immediate payment and save significantly on their upcoming cruise.

Even guests who are ready to book could secure their reservation and prepay before the deadline – such savings are not to be scoffed at.

Comparison of tips on cruise ships

While an increase in service fees is never welcome, the tipping rates, which Carnival begins April 1, are comparable to other cruise lines and their own increases over the past year.

For example Norwegian Cruise Line Increased tips from January 1stwith a new rate of $25 per person per day for guests in The Haven and Suites and $20 per person per day in Club Balcony Suites and other stateroom types.

Holland America Line gratuity rates, only raised on February 1stare now $17.50 per person per day in suites and $16 per person per day in other cabin categories.

Princess Cruises prices are USD 18 per person per day in suites, USD 17 in mini suites or club class cabins and USD 16 per person per day in other cabin types. Princess Cruises Tips increased to current levels mid-December 2022.

Disney Cruise Line tipping rates that didn’t exist raised since July 2022are $14.50 per person (including children and infants) in all staterooms except Concierge and Suite staterooms which are $15.50 per person per day.

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