Carnival Cruise Line is changing six summer itineraries for one ship

Carnival cruise ship
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Carnival Cruise Line has reached out to guests booked on select cruises by Mardi Gras Pride with the notification that their itineraries will change this summer. Each cruise has slightly different changes, from port and embarkation time changes to port substitutions and date changes.

Several Mardi Gras Pride Itinerary Changes

Guests sail aboard a variety of European cruises Mardi Gras Pride This summer we have been informed that there have been several itinerary changes for the ship, with varying changes depending on the departure date.

The first itinerary changed is the ship’s first European departure and its only departure from Barcelona on May 28, 2023. Instead of departing Barcelona at 5:00 PM as planned to begin the cruise, the ship will now depart at 7:00 PM Set sail Further changes have been made to the 12-night cruise at this point and all ports of call between Barcelona and Dover remain intact.

Departing 21 July 2023 from Dover, a 9-day return trip has only one change – to replace the planned 25 July call to the Isle of Skye with a stop at Stornoway, Scotland.

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Four additional cruises are also swapping ports, removing the Isle of Skye and replacing it with Dublin as an alternative destination for each cruise. The dates concerned are the departures on July 30th, August 11th, August 20th and September 1st.

In addition, on the cruises on July 30 and August 20 Mardi Gras Pride has now changed the day to visit Belfast and the port times have changed slightly from the Isle of Skye to Dublin. Port times will also be changed for the Glasgow visit.

Departing on 11 August, in addition to the Isle of Skye to Dublin port change, there will be a slight change in port times for both Dublin and Glasgow.

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The September 1, 2023 cruise is the most modified of all six modified cruises. This sailing not only replaces the Isle of Skye with Dublin, but also changes the day for visiting Glasgow and the port times for Glasgow and Dublin.

Shore Excursion Considerations

Guests on any of the now modified cruises who have purchased Carnival Cruise Line For Shore Excursions, tours will be automatically adjusted to accommodate the changes, including full refunds to the original form of payment if Port (Isle of Skye) has been cancelled.

New tours for the changed port times, days and destinations will be available online before the cruises set sail, or guests can book shore excursions on board Mardi Gras Pride. However, popular tours can sell out quickly, and guests interested in specific excursions may want to book their tours in advance to ensure confirmed reservations.

Guests who have independently arranged tours in ports of call must contact their respective tour operator for any changes or refunds.

Why the changes?

Why was not explained Mardi Gras PrideItineraries are currently being adjusted and not all European cruises that the ship will host this summer will be affected.

“Thank you for your understanding,” the email is “We look forward to welcoming you on board for a FUN and memorable cruise.”

It’s not uncommon for cruise lines to refine itineraries after cruises have been released and opened for bookings, especially with minor changes like adjusting port times or swapping port visit days.

Carnival Pride cruise ship.
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While changing a port of call entirely is a more drastic change, this too is not uncommon, particularly as operational plans are being refined and ports of call are making changes to their schedules to accommodate multiple cruise lines and multiple ships per day.

Shifting a schedule can help maximize the guest experience by allowing for fewer crowds and available berths to better accommodate all visiting ships.

Mardi Gras Pride is currently at home Tampa, Fla, which offers itineraries through the Western Caribbean and partial transit through the Panama Canal until moving to Europe at the end of May. After completing her European summer in late October, the Spirit-class ship will return to Tampa through early April 2024, after which she will relocate Baltimore, Md.

The 88,500 GT ship can accommodate 2,124 guests at double occupancy and up to 2,680 passengers at full occupancy. She went along with it carnival fleet Established in January 2002 and is staffed by approximately 910 crew who strive to provide excellent service wherever the ship goes.

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