Caterpillar and Tidewater Ink Global Support Agreement

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Tidewater Inc., the largest fleet operator in the offshore support vessel industry, has signed a Global Value Agreement (GVA) with engine manufacturer Caterpillar. The agreement aims to provide comprehensive parts, service, monitoring, and maintenance support to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), increase uptime, and improve availability. Tidewater’s fleet of over 200 vessels will have a dedicated Caterpillar fleet manager to optimize maintenance intervals and ensure quick parts availability. Predictive analytics and 24/7 digital Cat engine monitoring will allow Tidewater to track asset locations, operating hours, fuel levels, and utilization for efficiency improvements. The goal is to increase vessel uptime and promote greater efficiency.

Tidewater is partnering with leading marine equipment provider Caterpillar to establish high standards for safe, reliable, and technologically advanced marine engine operations. The GVA aligns with both companies’ vision for superior support and exceptional service for Tidewater’s global fleet. Brad Johnson, Vice President of Caterpillar Marine, stated that their fleet management tools and dealer network will enable Tidewater vessels to achieve the highest level of operational performance.

This partnership between Tidewater and Caterpillar aims to improve the maintenance and operational support for Tidewater’s fleet while delivering safe and reliable operations. The use of digital enhancements and predictive analytics will help increase efficiency and reduce costs for Tidewater’s Cat engines. The agreement reflects both companies’ commitment to providing the highest level of service and promoting environmentally friendly practices in the marine industry.

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