Celebrity Announces Digital Cruise Ship Enhancements and Sweepstakes

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Celebrity Cruises has launched an exciting sweepstakes on its innovative digital metaverse platform, The Wonderverse, offering guests the chance to win seven cruises over seven days.

This latest development follows the successful launch of the world’s first fully digital cruise ship, celebrity beyondin December 2022. The cruise line also unveiled several improvements, such as: B. adding more details and even adding live entertainment.

New improvements to the Wonderverse platform

Celebrity Cruises recently unveiled several improvements to its Wonderverse platform. These improvements include mobile optimization for iOS and Android devices, making it more accessible to users.

More details have been added to each venue to capture the essence onboard the ship with branded touches such as bartenders and live entertainment. In addition, more personalization options are available in the avatar editor, including celebrity branded clothing.

As of March 20, Wonderverse has launched sweepstakes where consumers can win seven cruises in seven days. A hidden clue or “Easter Egg” is revealed each day via Celebrity’s Instagram. All guests have to do is find the daily Easter Egg aboard Celebrity Beyond to win a cruise.

A closer look at Celebrity Cruises’ Wonderverse

Celebrity Cruises’ Wonderverse is an industry-first feature that offers guests a unique virtual experience to explore a digital version of their newest ship. celebrity beyond. The digital platform showcases the ship’s signature spaces and moments, such as the Martini Bar Flair Show. It also allows for interaction with guests Captain Kate McCue and other prominent personalities as digital avatars.

The Wonderverse gives guests a glimpse of what to expect from their cruise aboard Celebrity Beyond. The realistic digital replica of Celebrity Beyond offers a rich, immersive experience that goes beyond traditional 360° images and videos.

Image courtesy: Celebrity Cruises

In addition, guests can explore some of the destinations celebrity ships call at, including Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier in Alaska, St. Lucia in the Caribbean, Santorini in Europe and Tokyo, Japan.

Celebrity Beyond is 140,600 gross tons and accommodates 3,260 guests served by 1,400 international crew members. Guests onboard can indulge in an array of 32 bars and restaurants and numerous innovative design touches that have earned the Edge Class ships a place on Time Magazine’s list of the “World’s Greatest Places.”

The Celebrity Cruises Wonderverse is just the beginning of integrating virtual reality and metaverse technology into the industry. Chief Marketing Officer Michael Scheiner, who helped lead the project, believes the Wonderverse platform has the potential to continue to expand and create experiences consumers are looking for.

Another example of a cruise line embracing the Metaverse is Royal Caribbean International, which has added their newest ship, Icon of the Seas, based on the popular online game Fortnite.

This unique adventure allows players to explore the cruise ship ahead of its debut in January 2024. Players can explore two of the eight revolutionary neighborhoods, Thrill Island and The Hideaway, while playing Royal Caribbean: Hide ‘N’ Sea on Fortnite.

These virtual travel industry experiences, like Wonderverse and Icon of the Seas in Fortnite, are setting a new standard for engaging and reaching potential guests, while offering real-world cruises like Celebrity and their sweepstakes as an added incentive.

As more travelers embrace the Metaverse and virtual reality, the opportunities for innovative, immersive experiences continue to grow. Not only do these platforms provide an excellent digital experience that helps people make cruise decisions, but they also allow users to digitally interact with each other and share experiences even before boarding the respective ships.

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