Completion of the Mumbai International Cruise Terminal anticipated by 2024

The Mumbai Intl Cruise Terminal is scheduled to be completed in 2024
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Maharashtra, a state in India, offers numerous maritime advantages due to its expansive coastline and ports. With a coastline of 720 km, the state has two major ports, over 14 major and medium ports, as well as many bays, all of which contribute significantly to India’s maritime trade. Chief Minister Shinde highlighted the state’s efforts in developing multi-modal connectivity, including road, rail, maritime, and waterway infrastructure for private ports. He emphasized that the maritime policy of the state would not only boost maritime tourism but also support the shipbuilding, repair, and recycling industries. The Prime Minister’s efforts have strengthened India’s position in the global maritime arena.

Maharashtra has witnessed a significant increase in cargo volumes in the past year, and new routes for passenger transport services have been introduced. The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority, one of the best performing ports in India and globally ranked among the top 30 ports, has further enhanced the state’s maritime capabilities. Furthermore, the Mumbai Port Authority offers the best and lowest cruise rates worldwide. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Mumbai Port Authority, Governor Ramesh Bais released a stamp and a book titled ‘Propelling India’s Maritime Vision’ to commemorate the occasion. Maharashtra’s commitment to maritime development is evident in its infrastructure investments and achievements in the maritime sector.

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