Mariner Rescues Operator as Crane Falls Into Water near Memphis

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A good samaritan mariner rescued a machinery operator after a crawler crane fell into the water at a drydock near Memphis, Tennessee. The incident occurred at the Wepfer Marine shipyard when a mobile crane flipped over and plunged into McKellar Lake. A nearby tugboat operator jumped into the water, swam to the crane, and rescued the operator from the wreckage. Coast Guard cutters Oachita and Obion responded to the scene and used a firehose as a lifeline to pull the good samaritan and the crane operator to shore. The victim was unresponsive initially but was successfully resuscitated by the Coast Guard responders.

The crane, which landed upside-down, is currently boomed off to prevent pollution. Salvage plans have not been announced, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Chief Petty Officer Will Parris commended the crew’s response, stating that they relied on their training, experience, and teamwork to provide the necessary care to the injured individual.

This incident highlights the importance of quick thinking and cooperation in emergency situations. The brave actions of the good samaritan and the prompt response of the Coast Guard played a crucial role in the successful rescue. The investigation into the cause of the accident will help prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring the safety of workers in maritime environments.

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