Crowley partners with ABS to delve into AR & VR technologies

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Crowley, a maritime services company, has partnered with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to enhance its service network using augmented reality (AR) technology. The partnership will involve the use of goggle technology developed by Kognitiv Spark, which allows crew members to provide real-time visuals of ship equipment to remote technicians for collaborative problem-solving. This technology will enable faster completion of maintenance, updates, and upgrades on board through digital collaboration.

The collaboration between ABS and Crowley will also include a joint pilot project for classification-related survey support activities. This will involve aspects of annual and special surveys, virtual walkthroughs, and livestreaming using fully remote and hybrid survey techniques. The aim is to explore the possibilities of AR technology for future survey operations and safety improvements.

Both companies believe that partnership and innovation are crucial for sustainable growth and success in maritime services. They aim to provide mariners with safer and more efficient options, while also enhancing the reliability and effectiveness of services for customers. ABS, as a leading class services provider, is committed to finding ways to streamline the class process and ensure the safety of mariners and surveyors.

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