Cruises Line offers affordable living at sea

Cruise ship Victoria Majestic
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Victoria Cruises Line offers a long-term cabin rental option to cruise lines looking to travel the world by sea. The Cyprus-based line told cruise lines booking their multi-year world cruise on board Victoria majestic can experience the journey for only $79 per day.

Departing Florida in September

Victoria Cruises Line announced it will be hiring cabins on board the 1,350 guests Victoria majestica ship formerly operated as Holland America Line Veendam Before Parent company Carnival Corporation sold the shipalong with Holland America Line Maasdamin 2020.

Victoria majestic will depart from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades in September 2023 and sail to 200 destinations worldwide in around 27 months.

Photo credit: Victoria Cruises Line

Cabins can be rented for a minimum of six months, with longer bookings costing less. The company said cruise lines chartering for 37 months or more, including indefinitely, pay $79 per day for an inside cabin.

Olavs Zvinelis, CEO of Victoria Cruises Line said: “See the sights around the world you’ve always wanted to experience without a huge investment. Rather than having to spend years investing in a condo on a ship or in a longer term voyage, Victoria Cruises Line offers our customers a more flexible lifestyle at sea.”

He added, “Our customers don’t have to pay a year or more in advance. This makes planning easier for customers as our rental option is more wallet-friendly. Also, as part of our loyalty program, the longer you rent, the bigger the discount.”

The line’s round-the-world trip takes about 540 days in ports. The ship stays in each port for up to 7 days.

Meals, drinks included

Rental fees include three meals a day, beverages and room service. The cabins are equipped with TV, DVD player, minibar, bathrobe and towels, toiletries, binoculars and umbrellas.

In addition, a fruit basket and flowers are to be delivered daily. Various cabins and suites with different layouts are available. In addition to inside cabins, premium and luxury cabins can be rented at higher rates.

Victoria Cruises Line also plans to broadcast the cruise live continuously via onboard cameras and plans to create a reality TV show highlighting the lives of some of the ship’s passengers. Renters must be at least 18 years old.

The line said about half of the cabins and suites were on board Victoria majestic are booked and the majority of tenants have chosen the indefinite, indefinite rental period.

Source: News Network

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