CSL Satellite: Resilient and Secure IoT Connectivity in Remote Environments

CSL has launched CSL Satellite, a new service leveraging Starlink's LEO satellites to provide resilient, secure connectivity for land and maritime use. The service offers tailored plans for different sectors and emphasizes accessibility and customer convenience. This innovative solution reflects CSL's dedication to expanding connectivity solutions to meet global demands.
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CSL has launched a new service called CSL Satellite, which aims to provide resilient and secure Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in remote and challenging environments. The service leverages the Starlink constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and includes a comprehensive managed service package with around-the-clock support. This new solution is designed to bridge the connectivity gap in areas where traditional mobile or fixed broadband services are unreliable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across land and maritime domains.

CSL Satellite offers three tailored plans: Permanent Fixed for static installations, Movable Fixed for scenarios requiring connectivity at different fixed locations, and Mobile for mobile assets such as commercial vehicles and maritime operations. The Head of Product at CSL, Andy Bromley, emphasized the significance of this launch, stating that adding satellite technology to its portfolio allows CSL to deliver a truly global offering, both on land and for maritime applications.

The introduction of CSL Satellite offers a novel approach to ensuring reliable communication in remote or otherwise inaccessible areas. By combining Starlink’s satellite constellation with CSL’s expertly managed services, customers are assured of a robust, secure, and flexible connectivity solution that can support a variety of applications, from retail and hospitality to critical maritime and land-based operations.

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