Delo Group and Shandong Port Group are planning multimodal logistics between Asian countries and Russia

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Delo Group and Shandong Port Group (SPG) have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in container transportation and other areas of logistics and transportation, according to the Delo Group in its press release.

The document provides for a complex interaction in several areas. In particular, the parties intend to combine their efforts to provide multimodal container transportation between Asian countries and Russia, leveraging the capabilities of Delo Group’s and SPG’s assets. The member companies of both groups will be able to work as partners to promote each other’s logistics services and jointly develop integrated services. To leverage the potential of their assets, the parties will also explore the possibility of jointly using the Qingdao – Vostochny Port – St. Petersburg – Western Europe route to ensure the transit of Chinese goods. By integrating the resources and potential of companies, logistics costs are reduced and the quality of service for customers is improved. In addition, Delo Group and SPG plan to work together on forming international supply chains, logistics of grain and other bulk exports from Russia to China via the Far East.

Cooperation in the construction and operation of infrastructure includes the exchange of experience and know-how in the management of dams, the introduction of innovative technologies in the creation and expansion of terminal facilities, and the acquisition of modern port equipment. In addition, Delo Group and SPG intend to jointly develop digital services to streamline operations and improve service quality. Commenting on the memorandum, Sergey Shishkarev, Chief Executive Officer of Delo Group, said: “Working with one of the world’s largest port companies, which has impressive experience and resources, is an important step in expanding Delo Group’s presence in Asia. I assume that the joint work will raise the scope and quality of the services as well as the efficiency of the operational processes of the group to a new level.

Source: News Network

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