dimensions Maritime holds change of command ceremony

dimensions  Maritime holds change of command ceremony
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The Massachusetts Maritime Academy held its annual “regiment change of command” ceremony alongside celebrations for National Maritime Day on May 24. This is where leadership responsibilities are physically and symbolically transferred to a junior class member from the senior class member. The ceremony was held on the Academy campus at the Clean Harbors Athletic Stadium. Abigail Pope, outgoing Commander of Cadet Regiment 1/C, surrendered her responsibilities to incoming Regimental Commander Cole Francavilla. Additionally, 1/C Paige Albertson hand over the post of Regimental Executive Officer to 2/C Kobe Copeland.

The Class of 2024 executives mainly consist of Commonwealth of Massachusetts cadets, with a few more coming from states of Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Virginia and the countries of Morocco and Niger. Coinciding with the ceremony was the release of the results from the annual U.S. Coast Guard exams, held earlier in May. These exams are the final step in the academy’s education and training process that will help cadets acquire professional levels in the maritime industry. Cadets pursuing Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering majors take the final semester to prepare for the US Coast Guard license exams. Marine Transportation had a 71% pass rate, whilst Marine Engineering had an 81% pass rate.

Rear Admiral Francis X. McDonald expressed how cherished the change of command ceremony was, and how it was an excellent time to recognize the cadets who achieved leadership positions at the academy and will become future leaders in the maritime industry. Overall, there is a greater chance for cadets from Massachusetts Maritime Academy to enter the United States maritime industry with an 81% pass rate in Marine Engineering and a 71% pass rate in Marine Transportation.


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