Discovered New Wi-Fi Option for Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck
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Guests booked next Carnival Cruise Line Sailing has spotted a potentially new Wi-Fi option for use in ports of call. For now, the option appears to be limited to certain ships and may not be available on every cruise, but it may be tested on more cruises and ships for future rollout.

WiFi hotspot devices available

Carnival cruisers have noticed a new Wi-Fi option on various cruises – a personal hotspot that can be rented for an entire cruise. The device is listed as “personal wifi hotspot” deployment “unlimited high-speed connection” for up to five devices simultaneously.

The device also acts as a power bank for charging devices and is small enough to be unobtrusively placed in your pocket.

The device, available for rent on select cruises through the online cruise planner, operates only in ports of call and is not suitable for onboard use on days at sea.

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Costs vary based on cruise length, number of ports of call and length of stay in different ports. Guests have reported a typical price of $45 (USD) per seven-day, three-port cruise, but price adjustments are likely as this option is tested. Also, the pre-cruise acquisition cost is likely different than when guests wait until they board a ship to rent the device.

The offer for selected late summer and autumn trips on board has currently been reviewed carnival magic, Carnival Glory, carnival celebrationAnd Carnival Veniceand will likely be tested on other ships in the coming months, depending on guest reaction to the initial offerings.

In some reservations the option is noted as “limited time only” This can confirm a limited test run of this option before it is either phased out or otherwise rolled out across the fleet.

Is a hotspot worth it?

Renting a Wi-Fi hotspot can be a great option for cruise travelers who want to stay in touch but don’t want to pay international fees or don’t have international service on their cell phones or personal devices.

However, if guests in different regions already have WiFi, it may not be worth renting. However, different mobile service providers have different coverage areas and terms, so it’s important to confirm coverage and any additional charges before you travel.

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It is also important to note that this Wi-Fi hotspot option only works in ports of call and is not useful onboard the ship. Guests who may not disembark at each destination may not be able to use the device as well. Other guests may prefer to seek local free Wi-Fi options, e.g. B. in bars or restaurants in different ports of call.

Carnival cruise ships
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While device rental details will certainly be refined in the coming months, guests should note that additional charges will apply if the hotspot is returned late or damaged in any way.

Since the device isn’t waterproof, it might not be the best option for beach days, limiting its usefulness depending on the activities guests prefer while in port.

Available Wi-Fi internet speeds may also vary depending on the time of day and guests’ location in the port, e.g. B. near the ship or other communication hubs.

Hotspot rental is not currently part of other Carnival internet package deals that cover onboard internet service and speeds.

Do you use Wi-Fi while visiting cruise ports? Are you interested in a mobile hotspot? Share your thoughts on Cruise Hive boards!

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