DNV and SDTR Marine Partner on OCCS Feasibility Study

In January 2024, DNV partnered with SDTR Marine for an Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage feasibility study on a kamsarmax bulk carrier. The collaboration focused on evaluating the economic viability of OCCS implementation to reduce carbon emissions and align with decarbonisation mandates in the shipping industry.
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DNV and SDTR Marine have partnered on a Joint Development Project to explore the feasibility of Onboard Carbon Capture and Storage (OCCS) technology for a kamsarmax bulk carrier. The study involved a techno-economic analysis using DNV’s FuelPath to evaluate different fuel and technology approaches under various price scenarios. SDTR Marine aims to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in line with decarbonisation mandates and emission targets.

SDTR Marine’s CEO, Gao Dehui, highlighted the importance of CCS technology in reducing the environmental impact of shipping. The collaboration with DNV demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. DNV’s Regional Manager, Cristina Saenz de Santa Maria, emphasized the need for strategic planning to achieve net-zero goals and comply with IMO’s emission targets. OCCS has gained attention as the industry seeks innovative solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

In a similar cooperation in 2023, DNV explored OCCS feasibility for a containership and kamsarmax bulk carrier newbuild. The partnership between DNV and SDTR Marine reflects a shared commitment to advancing decarbonisation efforts in the maritime industry. By leveraging DNV’s expertise and global network, the companies aim to guide the industry through the energy transition towards sustainable operations.

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