Efforts Underway to Salvage Stranded 500-Tonne Fishing Vessel

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Efforts are underway to refloat a 500-tonne vessel that ran aground off the Isle of Skye. The alarm was raised on Tuesday evening, and the Kyle and Portree RNLI lifeboats were dispatched to the scene. However, by the time the crews arrived, the tide had receded too far to attempt a refloating. The crew of the fish carrier, which is 40 meters long, were transferred to another vessel in the area and are waiting for the tide to return. On Wednesday morning, they boarded the vessel again and efforts are now being made to refloat it.

Andrew MacDonald, spokesman for Kyle RNLI Lifeboat, explained that the vessel ran aground during high tide, and by the time help arrived, it was not possible to refloat it. The crew was taken off the vessel overnight for their own safety, and refloating attempts will be made at the next high tide in the morning.

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