EH Group Joins H2MARINE Project for Next-Gen Fuel Cell Stacks

EH Group partners with H2MARINE to advance next-gen maritime fuel cells. The project, backed by the EU, focuses on developing PEM fuel cell stacks for marine use. EH Group's high-power density technology will play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of decarbonizing the maritime sector.
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EH Group has joined the H2MARINE project, a collaboration between the EU’s Clean Hydrogen Partnership and SERI (Switzerland), aimed at developing next-generation PEM fuel cell stacks for marine applications. The project involves designing, assembling, and testing fuel cell stacks capable of generating 250-300 kW of electrical power, specifically tailored to meet the challenges of maritime use. EH Group will contribute its high-power density stacks optimized for marine applications.

With a budget exceeding 9 million EUR over 42 months, the H2MARINE project represents a significant advancement in sustainable energy solutions for the maritime industry. The consortium includes 13 partners from Europe, including research institutes and companies specializing in hydrogen technologies. The project aims to accelerate the role of fuel cells in decarbonizing the marine sector and addressing environmental challenges.

EH Group, established in Switzerland in 2017, focuses on designing and producing innovative fuel cell technology with high power density, system efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The company is committed to decarbonizing heavy-duty mobility, including marine vessels, off-highway vehicles, trucking, aviation, and large-scale stationary power. Through its participation in the H2MARINE project, EH Group aims to further develop its fuel cell technology for maritime applications and contribute to the industry’s sustainability goals.

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