Emerging tech-savvy maritime talent for the future

The pace of maritime digitalisation is unsettling for those on the industry’s frontlines, as new working practices beget new organisational structures and values. The shipping industry can learn from the tech world in talent acquisition, cross-functional collaboration, and innovation, while also maintaining its strategic resilience and authenticity. (Word count: 50)
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The maritime industry is undergoing rapid digitalization, with spending on digital tools expected to exceed $300 billion by 2030. This shift has led to cultural changes and new working practices in the industry, influenced by the language and values of tech companies. One area where the shipping industry can learn from tech is talent acquisition and development. Tech companies have more diverse entry options and encourage cross-functional collaboration, which could benefit the shipping industry.

However, the shipping industry should also maintain its strategic resilience and long-term planning, which are its biggest assets. While learning from tech, shipping companies should be cautious not to blindly copy every aspect, as the industry’s traditions and authenticity are valuable in a world of increasing standardization. The shipping industry’s focus on people and its unique traditions could be the key to building a compelling employer brand and organizational identity in the future.

The maritime industry is at a crossroads, where it can benefit from the innovations and practices of the tech industry while preserving its unique traditions and values. By embracing new ideas while maintaining its authenticity, the shipping industry can build a strong employer brand and attract the next generation of talent.

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