The Importance of Professional Qualification for Shipbrokers

Pictured: Glenn Murphy, Chairman, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
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Shipbrokers play a dynamic and complex role in mediating between strong trucking companies. To succeed in this industry, professionals must possess life skills, industry knowledge, and excellent people skills. While technology and AI can improve efficiency, they cannot replace the soft skills and in-depth knowledge that are crucial for this job. Therefore, shipbrokers will continue to be essential for the industry.

Obtaining a professional qualification from the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) can significantly enhance a shipbroker’s credibility and expertise. Membership in the institute can be acquired through online or evening classes and passing aptitude tests. Becoming a Chartered Shipbroker requires commitment and determination, but it distinguishes individuals as serious players in the industry.

The ICS recognizes the evolving shipping industry and is investing in its future by offering online courses and considering the possibility of online exams. Employers and brokerage firms can benefit from encouraging professional development in the workplace. The ICS sets standards through qualifications and recognizes reputable companies. It also provides employees with the opportunity to specialize in different areas of the company, benefiting both the employees and employers. By adding value to their work and investing in professional training, shipbrokers can ensure long-term success in their careers.

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