EXMAR Achieves Milestone in Implementing Ammonia Dual-Fuel Engines for Gas Newbuilds

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EXMAR LPG BV, a joint venture between EXMAR and Seapeak, is moving forward with plans to use ammonia as fuel for two Midsize Gas Carriers (MGCs) being built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea. These ships will be the first oceangoing vessels to be propelled by dual-fuel ammonia engines, which will result in close to zero emissions when using ammonia. The engines will be provided by WINGD and the fuel supply system by Wärtsilä Gas Solutions. The MGCs are expected to be delivered in early 2026 and will have an operational carbon footprint reduction of 90%, surpassing the International Maritime Organization’s emissions reduction targets.

Throughout the design process, careful attention has been given to operational safety when introducing a toxic substance like ammonia into the engine room. A risk-based design appraisal conducted by Lloyds Register, along with input from experienced crews and approval from the Flag State of Belgium, has been crucial in ensuring safety and guiding further design enhancements. EXMAR, a global leader in maritime transportation of ammonia and LPG, has a long history of innovation and expertise in handling ammonia cargoes.

By utilizing ammonia as a zero-carbon shipping fuel, EXMAR aims to significantly reduce emissions and contribute to the industry’s efforts to meet environmental targets. The company’s confidence in safely navigating and successfully using this new fuel is backed by its extensive experience and knowledge in the field. This project showcases EXMAR’s commitment to sustainability and its role in driving innovation in the shipping industry.

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