Filipino senior officer seafarers join in safety management workshop

Manila is hosting a Safety Management System workshop at the City Garden Hotel organized by Fleet Management Limited. The three-day workshop aims to enhance the expertise of 60 senior seafarers and is led by esteemed maritime leaders and industry experts from around the world. The workshop reflects FLEET's commitment to continual learning and enhancement for seafarers.
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This week, Manila is hosting a Safety Management System workshop at the City Garden Hotel, organized by Fleet Management Limited (FLEET) for 60 senior seafarers. The workshop aims to share knowledge and insights, foster collaboration, and strengthen seafarers. Capt. Abhishek Sinha, training director at FLEET, emphasized the importance of the workshop in enhancing the expertise of seafarers and contributing to the overall advancement of seafarers within the FLEET network. The workshop is led by FLEET representatives Arvind Singh and Capt. Satish Ramamurthy, with key presenters from MaruFleet and MMSL ship management joint venture, as well as representatives from Daihatsu Japan, NorthStandard P&I Club, and the Philippines Coast Guard.

The workshop is part of a suite of training that Filipino senior officers undertake before joining FLEET-managed vessels and is run quarterly. Capt. Sinha highlighted FLEET’s commitment to seafarers’ continual learning and enhancement, stating that initiatives such as these workshops reflect the company’s dedication to navigating the opportunities and challenges of the industry together. The training included FLEET senior officers and representatives of manning agents Baliwag Navigation Inc. and Fil Star, as well as senior management of ship-owning clients, enhancing levels of interest and engagement in the workshop.

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