Cargo Vessel Capsizes Enroute to Lakshadweep: Crew Rescued After Three Days at Sea

A cargo vessel carrying construction materials from Mangaluru to Lakshadweep capsized enroute to Agatti island. The eight crew members were saved by fishermen after drifting in water for three days. The crew members were later taken to Kochi by the Coast Guard. Inclement weather has caused similar incidents in the past.
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A cargo vessel carrying construction materials from Mangaluru Old Port to Lakshadweep capsized enroute to Agatti island from Andrott island, leaving all eight crew members from Tamil Nadu stranded. The crew managed to save themselves by jumping into a small boat with their life jackets and drifted in water for three days without food. Fishermen from Kalpeni noticed their distress and rescued them on March 18. The vessel, named MSV Varadatharajan, had encountered a technical issue in the engine, causing water to gush in.

The crew members, including Captain Bhaskaran and seven others, were taken to Kochi by the Coast Guard on March 19, where the owner of the vessel also arrived to take them back to their native place. The incident highlighted the dangers faced by vessels traveling from Mangaluru to Lakshadweep, with previous incidents of capsizing due to inclement weather. The crew’s survival and rescue were attributed to their quick thinking and the timely assistance of the fishermen and authorities.

Abdul Latheef, the Old Port Users Association Secretary, emphasized the challenges faced by vessels making the journey to Lakshadweep, noting that the trip typically takes 22 hours in favorable conditions. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks involved in maritime transport and the importance of preparedness for emergencies at sea. The crew’s safe rescue and return home underscore the significance of prompt action and cooperation between maritime stakeholders in such situations.

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