Focus on research and education

Focus on research and education
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This week we look at newly delivered research and survey vessels operating around the world, from the frigid northern waters of Russia to the warmer environs of the Middle East. Most are new build while one is a refurbished vessel originally developed to support the offshore energy industry.

Marine Research • Maritime Education • Maritime Archaeology

We will also feature two major marine research projects, a recently completed mission to the Maldives and upcoming construction to increase New Zealand’s knowledge of the harsh Antarctic environment.

Visit Baird Seafaring regularly over the coming days to find out about these important sectors of the global maritime industry.

Ship ratings:

  • jaywun – Persian Gulf Oceanographic Research Vessel for UAE Operators (Friday)
  • Zhu Haiyun – Chinese-built drone mothership features autonomous sailing systems (Friday)
  • ecology – Wildlife observation boat for a Hawaii-based research organization (Thursday)
  • Promernyj-3 – Russian inland survey boat in support of dredging projects (Thursday)
  • Vadim Viktorovsky – New series of shallow draft survey boats for the Russian Inland Navigation Administration (Wednesday)
  • wave lab – Autonomous demonstrator catamaran developed in Germany (Wednesday)
  • Aleksandr Parfenov – Russian port entry with hydrographic function (Tuesday)
  • SHIP REFIT | Falkor (also) – Ex platform supplier converted for global deep sea research (Tuesday)
  • Anatoly Knyazev – Russian Navy commissions new hydrographic boat (Monday)
  • shackleford – Versatile offshore catamaran for US East Coast survey specialists (Monday)

Features and Opinion:

FUNCTION | Oxford University to lead deep sea research mission to Maldives (Thursday)

– “The mission envisaged the deployment of two advanced manned submersibles, robotic and autonomous systems, and more than a dozen research technologies.”

FUNCTION | New Zealand builds advanced research station in Antarctica (Tuesday)

– “The station is scheduled to be operational in January 2027, 70 years after the original Scott Base opened in 1957.”

News and equipment:

Current key features:

MEMORIES | Asheraha two-man submarine named after a Phoenician goddess

– “The reason it was built so quickly is because the Electric Boat Division had a lot of experience building submarines for the US Navy.”

– by Bob Iversen, retired fisheries biologist from Hawaii

Remember to come back every day for the latest news, opinion and ship reviews!

Call for content!

Any news or views on the marine research and education industry? Send it through to (email protected) as soon as possible (between now and March 31st) for us to include in this current edition of Research and Education Week!

We are behind:

  • Ships – Orders, new deliveries, under construction
  • corridor – Latest innovations and technologies in marine research and education
  • job interviews – Owners, operators, marine research institutes, maritime training schools, etc.
  • Memories – Do you have exciting, amusing or downright dangerous anecdotes from your time in the world of research and training ships? (example here)
  • Other – Any other relevant news

Stay tuned for future research and training weeks


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