Gimson Urges Maritime Industry to Adopt Decarbonization Measures

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Leicester sailor John Gimson and his partner Anna Burnet have set a new sailing record while championing sustainable travel and raising awareness of the climate crisis. The duo took to the Irish Sea on an electric foiling vessel called the Artemis eFoiler, with the aim of highlighting the environmental degradation caused by maritime travel. They successfully broke the world record for sailing from Belfast Ballyholme to Port Patrick and back, beating the previous record by seven minutes. Gimson and Burnet, who won silver at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, hope to bring about change in the maritime industry and decarbonize a sector that accounts for 2.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The couple’s main goal was to raise awareness of the need to make the marine industry more environmentally friendly. They chose to undertake a challenging record-breaking voyage in order to attract attention to their cause. The conditions were difficult, and both Gimson and Burnet admitted to feeling relieved and physically exhausted after completing the journey. They believe that reducing emissions from maritime travel will not only address the carbon issue but also improve the health of communities living near ports and harbors.

Artemis, the company headed by two-time Olympic champion Iain Percy, provided the electric vessel for the voyage and has been supporting Gimson and Burnet’s campaign. The couple praised the company’s innovative technology and expressed gratitude for their support. They believe that foiling technology, such as that used in the Artemis eFoiler, is the future of maritime travel and have been impressed by the company’s growth and vision.

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