Greek-Owned Fleet Shows Record Growth in Latest Report

The Greek-owned fleet has seen a significant increase in vessels, deadweight, and gross tonnage according to the latest GSCC report. With a record-breaking 4,212 vessels totaling 335.2 million dwt and 208.3 million gt, Greek shipowners are leading in modern vessel orders and have a strong orderbook of 373 vessels.
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The latest annual report from GSCC highlights steady growth in the Greek-owned fleet, with a record-breaking 4,212 vessels and a total tonnage of 335.2 million dwt and 208.3 million gt as of March 4, 2024. This marks a significant increase over the past year, with 102 more vessels and 5.99 million dwt and 3.91 million gt added.

There has been a 50% surge in newbuilding orders, indicating a growing interest among Greek shipowners for modern vessels. The Greeks have a leading role in keeping shipbuilders busy, with an outstanding orderbook of 373 vessels with a total carrying capacity of 33.1 million dwt and 22.9 million gt. Liberia and the Marshall Islands top the 32 flags used by the Greek fleet, with Liberia representing 29.3% and the Marshall Islands 24.3% of the total dwt of the Greek-owned fleet.

The Greek flag remains the third largest with 496 ships and 51.7 million dwt, accounting for 14.5% of the Greek fleet. While the number of ships registered under EU flags has decreased slightly from the previous year, the Greek-owned fleet continues to demonstrate growth and resilience in the global shipping industry.

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