Half of APM Terminals’ Renewable Electricity Target Achieved

APM Terminals sees half of its renewable electricity target achieved
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APM Terminals, a global container terminal operator, has announced that around 40% of its global electricity consumption at its terminals now comes from renewable sources. This marks a four-fold increase compared to 2020. The company has been focusing on equipment electrification, energy optimization, and sourcing renewable electricity, such as solar energy, to achieve its goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2040.

At APM Terminals Mumbai, the company has partnered with 02 Power to develop a solar plant that could cover 80% of the terminal’s electricity needs, reducing its carbon footprint by 44%. In Bahrain, APM Terminals is implementing a $10 million solar energy project at Khalifa Bin Salman Port, which will make the port energy self-sufficient and reduce carbon emissions by 65%.

The company aims to reduce its dependence on purchased electricity and replace devices running on fossil fuels with electric devices to further increase its use of renewable electricity. APM Terminals has several projects in the pipeline to accelerate its transition towards net-zero emissions by 2040. Rashidbeigi, a representative from the company, stated that there is still more to come and expressed excitement about tackling future projects in the coming months.

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