Helix Energy Solutions lands major decommissioning contract in US Gulf of Mexico

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Helix Alliance, a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions, has secured a contract to decommission 39 wells in the US Gulf of Mexico, starting in mid-2023. The work includes the closure and abandonment of 15 pipelines and seven structures. The company will use the large, heavy-duty derrick barge EPIC hedron for structure removal, as well as several Helix Alliance OSVs and other utilities.

An estimated 14,000 unconnected, non-producing offshore and shoreline wells remain in the US Gulf of Mexico that would cost more than $30bn to cap. Helix Energy Solutions acquired the equity interests of the Alliance group of companies in July 2021, expanding its decommissioning footprint in the Gulf of Mexico and supporting its environmental, social and governance initiatives by managing the end-of-life requirements of oil and gas projects.

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