Hurtigruten unveils designs for zero-emission cruise ship.

cruise ship concept
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Hurtigruten Norway, the coastal shipping company, has revealed the design of its planned zero-emission cruise ship. Hurtigruten and its partners have identified batteries, retractable sails equipped with solar panels and artificial intelligence (AI) as promising technologies for the vessel, which is due to launch in 2030. The company aims to use the design as a blueprint for its entire fleet, and wants to reduce its energy consumption by 50 per cent through the use of an interactive app that allows passengers to monitor and manage water and energy use.

Hurtigruten has identified 60-megawatt battery solutions plus wind technology as a solution, as well as the incorporation of many technological firsts including retractable sails with solar panels, contra-rotating propellers and multiple retractable thrusters. The vessel is also expected to feature three retractable, autonomous wing rigs, comprising 1,500 square metres of solar panels and a wind surface of 750 square metres. The vessel will have 270 cabins, 500 passengers and 99 crew, as well as a cargo hold and space for transporting cars.

Supported by 12 maritime partners and the Norwegian research institute SINTEF, Hurtigruten launched its “Sea Zero” project a year ago, specifically aiming to develop a custom-designed, small zero-emission ship operating sustainably on the Norwegian coast. The first year’s work has focused on hull design, battery production and propulsion technology. The next two years will concentrate on developing and testing the proposed technologies. Hurigurtren has operated vessels along the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkenes for 130 years.

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