Hydrex carries out underwater stern tube seal repair.

Hydrex Conducts Underwater Stern Tube Seal Repair In
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A team of Hydrex divers recently completed an underwater stern tube seal repair on a roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ship in Algeciras, Spain. The ship had been experiencing an oil leak, necessitating an on-site repair and making the use of Hydrex’s flexible mobdock method possible. The team carried out the entire operation underwater, allowing the ship to remain afloat and carry out normal operations, thereby saving the owner the expense and inconvenience of drydock repairs.

The operation began with a thorough underwater inspection of the stern tube seal assembly and the removal of the rope guard. The divers then cleaned the assembly and created an underwater environment that allowed them to work in drydock-like conditions using the flexible mobdock. The split ring was removed and cleaned, and the divers removed and replaced the seals, bonding them to the assembly. A technician from the seal manufacturer was present during the operation to ensure the use of original spare parts and guarantee the best quality materials. Leakage tests were carried out, and the operation was concluded by removing the flexible mobdock and reinstalling the rope guard.

Hydrex’s flexible mobdock technique allowed the entire operation to be completed without the need for drydock repairs. The required equipment is available for transport at all times, making preparations quick and efficient. Hydrex’s all-inclusive service means that the owner did not have to worry about making arrangements for the repair, and the ship sailed to its next destination free of oil leaks. The success of this operation has demonstrated the effectiveness of Hydrex’s technology and experience in underwater repair services.

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