IMRF Award Celebrates the Inmarsat Maritime Safety Team’s Success

The Inmarsat Maritime Safety Team wins the IMRF Award
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Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, was awarded the 2023 International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Award for Innovation and Technology in Maritime Search and Rescue. The award recognizes individuals and organizations who have shown excellence in their field and have developed innovative technologies or equipment. Inmarsat Maritime won the award for its work in ensuring global satellite search and rescue capabilities are maintained to a high standard. Their recently launched RescueNET provides reliable SAR communications between ships, shore, and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCCs). They also offer training and support to SAR authorities worldwide.

Peter Broadhurst, a member of the Inmarsat Maritime Safety team, expressed his gratitude for receiving the award and acknowledged the team’s commitment to maritime safety. Inmarsat has been supporting the SAR community since 1979 and continues to provide support 24/7, even for non-Inmarsat initiated SAR efforts. They have developed relationships and procedures with SAR organizations to improve communication and tracking during operations. They have also created a SAR API for better integration into operating systems, all at no cost to the SAR community.

This recognition highlights Inmarsat Maritime’s dedication to advancing maritime safety through technological innovation and training. Their efforts in maintaining high standards for global satellite SAR capabilities contribute to the overall improvement of search and rescue operations. By providing reliable communication and support to SAR authorities worldwide, Inmarsat Maritime plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of those at sea.

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